Packed Bitumen

  • New Steel Drum

Drummed Bitumen has been the most common type of packaging. Qualities of the drums have been improving during these years. We always use New Steel Drums for packing. Drums vary in terms of net weight capacity, height and body thickness. The most common and standard drums have the body thickness of 0.6 mm. Height of the drums are 98 CMs for standard drums and 86 CM for small drums (140 KG and 155 KE net drums), however we have the required tools to adjust the height of the drums, based on the customer’s choice

Bitumen Packing Drum Specifications

Specification Known as the Normal Drum
182 KG
Known as the Short Drum
150 KG
Known as the Oil Drum
210 KG
Material: New Cold Rolled Steel * * *
Height (mm) 980 860 980
Diameter (mm) 500 500 500
Body Thickness (mm) 0.6 0.6 0.6
Top/Base Thickness (mm) 0.6 0.6 0.6
Net Weight (kg) +/-2.5 182 150 210
Gross Weight (kg) +/-2.5 192 158 220
Empty Drum Weight (kg) +/-1 9.5 8.5 10
Color black black black
  • Polybag

Technical Specification of Bituplast
Filling Capacity 200+-3 KG Net 
Package Height 105 cm
Package Wide 56 cm
Package Depth 47 cm
  • The Palletized box weight:  210 KG
  • Each 20ft container can accommodate 96 packages

  • Poly Cube

Poly Cube bags have nowadays started to become one of the most demanding types of packing from customers around the world. Features of Poly Bags Packing:

  • No waste at destination once cargo arrives.
  • Melt able in melting machine without impacting the quality of the bitumen
  • Easier to handle
  • Parallel price with drums packing while loading higher capacity per 20’ DC unit.
  • Being in various weights, such as 25KG, 50KG, 300 KG, 800 KG and 1000 KG.

We are capable to provide with you bitumen in Polybags. Our Polybags are made of two layers of Polymer as well as an extra internal layer. These Polybags can be easily melted in melting machine along with bitumen and it makes the road look a little bit shinier

The POLYCUBE Package contents the filling of the bitumen as well as the loading and transport and ends with the liquefaction at the customers place.
The POLYCUBE is a special transport container that was developed for the cold transport of pasty and viscous materials in particular bitumen.
A POLYCUBE differs considerably from the traditional Big Bag when it comes to quality, size, shape and design.

In terms of design and use of materials, the solution was aimed deliberately at the high demands imposed by the international cold transport of bitumen, to guarantee toughness, self-stabilization, and at the same time, maximum flexibility for a competitive price.

Capacity 300 KG
Filling quantity for bitumen (net)
Outer bag PP fabric
Middle bag
Inner bag
Melting peak inner bag (liner) PE film
UV-resistance in direct sun 137 C / 279 F
UV-resistance in direct sun 6 months
Storage under roof Storage under roof
Tare weight (circ.) 1.4 kg
Bitumen in POLYCUBE / TUBUS a 20ft container 24 metric tons

SBI supplies all grades of Bitumen in Bulk based on FOB terms or even EXW.
Providing Bulk Bitumen in some Global Markets especially in Middle East can be quite difficult. Our long term experience and deep relationship with vessel owners, tanker operators and our will assist you to arrange bulk bitumen delivery.
Our company has close relationship with refiners of bitumen and we’re able to offer a wide range of bulk bitumen supply solutions from Middle East.

Our professional logistic team ensures best freight rates for voyage charter or time charter to assist our clients meet their target final cost.
Bulk shipment can be supplied in tankers ranging in size between 1,000 and 8,000 metric tons. We can supply most grades of bitumen Ex-Works, CIF, or FOB basis depending on customer’s inquiry. Bulk shipment / loading in bitumen tankers are done in tank terminal by our team, we can arrange for discharge into trucks if a terminal with pipeline connection to a jetty is not available.