The term”Bitutainer” has now become a widely recognized name in Bitumen industry. Incorporating the key design principles of high carrying capacity, operator safety, heat efficiency and durability, the Bitutainer is the optimal solution in bitumen transportation and intermediary storage.
In areas where shore based tank terminals are not available, Infinity Export supplies bulk bitumen in 20 foot and 40 foot ISO bulk bitumen tank containers, thus implementing a unique logistics solution in areas where a fixed bulk bitumen storage tank may not be feasible.
These bitumen containers are used to deliver bulk bitumen from the supply terminal, directly inland to customer’s sites. All Bitutainers are fully equipped with insulation and heating facilities.

  • 27Mt Shipper Bitutainer

A unique concept in Bitumen distribution with 30% more carrying capacity than conventional Tank Containers. Suitable for Storage and Transportation of Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsions, PMBs and Heavy Fuel Oils.

  • 27 metric tonne capacity = optimal load per container
  • Valve box re-desgin to further improve heat retention
  • High performance factory fitted heating tubes
  • Addition of securing chains to Valve Box Cover & Chimneys
  • High Value factory installed insulation

24Mt IMO1 Rated Bitutainer

Suitable for the Storage and Transportation of Hot Liquid Bitumen, Emulsions, Light and Heavy Fuel Oils

  • 24 Metric tonne capacity (Nominal)
  • ISO 1496 Part 3 - Type 75 "Tank Container"
  • UN Coded T3 (IMO1 Rated ) with Lloyds approval
  • Inner vessel pressure tested to 4.0 bar
  • High performance heating systems available