About Us

SBI (SOUTH BITUMEN INITIATIVE COMPANY) is a global bitumen company active in more than 20 countries. Our refinery located in Iran Bandar Abbas very close to shahid Rajaei port (main gate for bitumen export from Iran)

SBI as one of the market leaders has ability to produce 150,000 tons of wide range of bitumen products, such as Oxidized Bitumen (Blown Asphalt), Penetration Graded Bitumen (Asphalt), Viscosity Grade (VG) Bitumen, Performance Grade (PG) Bitumen, Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB), Bitumen Emulsion (Asphalt), and Cutback Bitumen to worldwide customers.

SBI uses best row material available from Bandar Abbas oil refinery and utilize edge technology to produce standard grade bitumen with high and minimum fluctuations in properties.  Our Brand products have captured the substantial share of the market due to the high quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. The purpose of our company is rendering more efficient service to the Clients. SBI is engaged in the manufacturing, processing, packing, modifying, upgrading, engineering and exporting of bitumen on a global scale. SBI has adequate infrastructure and expert human resources and uses modern equipment and technologies for the production of bitumen. We supply our materials for use in the roads, construction, and general civil engineering industry. Supplying bitumen is also a significant part of our business. No one is better placed to get precisely the bituminous you need to worldwide market. We have put the observance of all standards and the use of new bitumen production technologies at the top of our priorities. SBI has extensive experience in working with road construction companies in many countries especially African country as well as others across East Africa. As such, there is no better choice when it comes to selecting a supply partner for a road-building project. We can get you precisely the materials you need reliably and cheaply, with minimum fuss.

SBI is known for its superior service quality and excellent technical understanding & support of the customers as well as fast and faith reaction to the customer needs with respect and confidence. Quality, technical/price/service competence, consistency and prompt responsiveness to customer needs have always been our forte which has won us pleased customers from the globe and has given us the chance to be the preferred trusted commercial partner of many companies around the world. A promise to purvey the customer needs and an inspiration to develop new products for emerging market has helped us increase the number of satisfied customers over the years. When we are offering services or deals to our customers/partners/suppliers, we always care about their technical requirements, international standards, environmental issues, quality expectations in addition to considering morality. SBI prides itself as a complete vertically integrated bitumen company. We look forward to serving you as our client and partner for the future.

Vision And Mission

This company’s goals are to produce and supply bitumen with modern and global standards. For this reason, we try to become the largest producer and supplier of bitumen different types in the world at the right prices for our customers. In this way, more than half of customers’ demands and ours are provided with very good and special conditions. We will not hesitate to try for seeking any access to these goals and other pioneer goals.


The wide business scope of South Bitumen Initiatives products has made this company have customers from all over the world. It has also been able to export more than half of the world’s best-produced bitumen samples at very reasonable prices, special packaging and fast delivery and services by exporting consumers required bitumen in the world. If you are also a consumer of bitumen in the world, our contact directions will be open to you.


Having large infrastructure is one of the most important factors in the bitumen industry making customers more confident and more reliable for buying bitumen from this company. For this purpose, SBI Company, as one of the largest supplier of bitumen in Iran has been able to supply the best bitumen samples for customers and consumers.

Our Customers

SBI Company’s Penetration Bitumen rigorously conforms to the specifications of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), ISIRI, DIN, BS, ISO and other international specifications and standards. We employ a high caliber Quality Control Department to ensure our bituminous products meet the specifications we undertake to deliver. Aside from our in-house Quality Control Management System, we also deploy external Quality Assurance Services from internationally renowned third party inspection companies such as SGS, to ensure and assure the specifications of the products delivered under our scope of delivery.